Sinem Mardi, who was born in 1987 in Izmir, has been curious about clothing since a young age. She was just 6 years old when she made a wedding dress from her curtains. Thanks to this curiosity, he found himself in the textile sector in a short time.

First, she received education at Etiler Rüştü Akın Anatolian Vocational High School Women’s Clothing Design Department and then she graduated from Ege University Fashion Design Department in 2nd place. During his education, he worked as an intern in the design departments of big companies.

Sinem Mardi, who always wants to be a good fashion designer and thinks that this will not be only with stylistic knowledge; received modeling, sewing and marketing training.

For a while, he worked as an assistant to the famous fashion designer Cemil İpekçi and had the opportunity to improve himself here. Later, he worked as a chief designer in large companies.

Sinem Mardi, who married in 2009 and returned to İzmir, took a break from his studies for a while. During this period, he published blog articles on fashion under the name of “Fashion Explorer”. He made researches on the history of fashion and gave seminars at various universities.

Finally, Sinem Mardi, who opened her own design workshop with the support of her husband; Here he prepares personalized wedding dresses, evening dresses and evening dresses. In addition, she provides stylist, modeling, styling and haute couture sewing training in her workshop.