What are your working hours?

We serve between 10:00 and 18:30 on weekdays and Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.


Do I need to make an appointment?

We ask you to make an appointment because we do not want you to wait because of our other appointments and rehearsals. You can call us on +90 (232) 999 55 71 or request an appointment from the contact section.


Is there a fee for the appointment? How long does the appointment take?

The appointment time is 1 or 2 hours, depending on your preference. During the appointment period, you can try whatever you want from our bridal gowns that are suitable for your size, and get special wedding dress recommendations from Sinem Mardi. The 1-hour appointment fee is 100 TL, and the 2-hour appointment fee is 150 TL. (VAT is not included in the prices. If you make an agreement for the wedding dress, the appointment fee will be deducted from the wedding dress fee.)

You can pay when you arrive at the appointment.


How many people can come to the appointment?

Choosing a wedding dress is very difficult but it is also a beautiful process. At this stage, we recommend that you come with a maximum of 3 people, in order to avoid confusion.


What are the sizes of the wedding dresses I can try?

Our trial wedding dresses are in the size range of 36-38.


What are your average wedding dress prices?

Our simple wedding dress models are between 6500-9000 TL and our private collection wedding dress models are between 9000-32.000 TL. (VAT is not included in the prices)


Why are your prices more expensive than other fashion houses?

We produce our bridal gowns for you with first-class craftsmanship using the best quality lace, fabric, bead etc. materials we bring from abroad.


Are veils, bridal flowers etc. accessories included in the prices?

We provide an empty tulle veil for free beside our wedding dress. Accessories such as lace veil, bridal flower and crown are not included in the price.


How can I make the payment?

When you make your decision, you can pay 50% at the beginning of the business and the remaining 50% in cash when receiving your wedding dress. (We do not charge by credit card)


Can I rent a wedding dress?

Unfortunately, we can not rent because we have prepared all our wedding dresses personally.


Can I buy one of your ready-made wedding dress models?

In general, we make special sewing for you from the model you like. However, we can sell ready for some of our bridal dresses.


When should I order my wedding dress?

You should choose your wedding dress 4-6 months before your wedding date and place your order. For orders placed 1 month before the wedding, a 30% priority service fee is charged over the normal price.


How are the rehearsals?

After the deal, we first take your measurements. Then we invite you to stay rehearsed. We deliver your wedding dress after 3 or 4 rehearsals.


How often do you have rehearsals and when can I receive my wedding dress?

Your rehearsals are usually given once a month. As a precaution against any weight gain or loss, we deliver your wedding dress 1 week before your wedding date.


What happens when you lose or lose weight?

If you lose or lose weight during the sewing process of your wedding dress, we deliver your wedding dress to you by performing the necessary operations without any problems.


What happens if I do not like the sewn wedding dress?

We are preparing your wedding dress in 3 or 4 rehearsals. During this period, you can see all the stages and if necessary, you can intervene as you wish. After the whole process is completed, you never receive your wedding dress firstly without feeling silent and you like it. If necessary, we deliver an extra 1 rehearsal and deliver your wedding dress as you wish.


How do rehearsals work if I come from abroad or from the city?

If you cannot routinely come to rehearsals every month, we ask you to come to Izmir for 5 days first. In this period, we decide on your model and do your mold rehearsals. We inform you about the transactions made later by sending pictures to you. Finally, we ask you to come again for a week to get it delivered. During this time, we deliver your wedding dress by making your last rehearsals.


Can you make a wedding dress without coming to rehearsal abroad or abroad?

If you send us your desired dimensions, we can send the model you want by sewing it.