Sinem Mardi

Sinem Mardi, born in Izmir in 1987, embarked on her journey in fashion with a solid educational background. She pursued studies in Women’s Clothing Design at Etiler Rüştü Akın Anatolian Vocational High School and further honed her skills in Fashion Design at Ege University. Throughout her academic years, she sought hands-on experience, interning at renowned design departments within large corporations.

Driven by a passion for excellence beyond mere style, Sinem sought diverse training in modeling, sewing, and marketing. Her dedication led her to serve as an assistant to the acclaimed fashion designer Cemil İpekçi, where she gained invaluable insights. Subsequently, she assumed roles as a chief designer in multinational firms, cementing her expertise in the industry.

In 2009, Sinem ventured into the digital realm, sharing her fashion insights through blog posts under the alias “Fashion Traveler.” She delved into fashion history and lectured at various universities, enriching minds with her extensive knowledge. Armed with experience, she established her own fashion workshop in 2014, dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction and quality.

Today, based in London, Sinem presides over her esteemed design studio, extending her expertise to companies seeking international branding guidance.

Sinem advocates for dressing according to one’s body size over fleeting trends, championing individuality and confidence.

Specializing in personalized wedding and evening dresses, she caters to clients with a bespoke approach. Moreover, she imparts her wisdom through stylist, modeling, and haute couture sewing training sessions, shaping the next generation of fashion aficionados